My Pattern Designer
Help with Orders or Billing

To check the status of an order - Email:   .

If you have any questions about payments, purchase orders,
an incorrect discount on a recent purchase, receipts, returns,
or refunds, please contact:  

Help Installing or With Compatibility Issues

For problems installing or running the program at all on your system, please email:   and allow 48 hours for a response as some queries may require research or contact with programmers or designers or both.

Help With A Program Problem or Bad Pattern

We can best help with this type of issue with a problem report from within the MPD program. It will automatically send the measurements you were using, the pattern you had selected and all options and settings you had selected. We should then be able to duplicate what you were seeing, which is generally impossible without that information.

A Problem Report can be submitted from within your program using the "Help - Problem Report" option. Be sure your problem pattern is on the screen when you send it.

If you cannot send a problem report or you have a problem that does not show up with a defective pattern, please post a question on the Discussion board for advice from other customers as well as MPD staffers.

Help If Printing Has Been Disallowed

Printing is "DISALLOWED" if your customer account is not in order, if you are using MPD for commercial pattern production, or if you have violated the MPD "Terms of use". If you have experienced a disallowed pattern printing and believe it was not justified, please send a problem report from within MPD, using "Help - Problem Report".

User Manual and Introductory Tutorial

To see the My Pattern Designer user manual, click here to download. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. if you do not have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, Click here to download from Adobe.

You can view the My Pattern Designer introductory tutorial which provides an overview of use of the program. This tutorial is included with all versions of the program.  Click here to download to view it.